Tenant Screening in California

Tenant Screening in California

Wealth Wednesday: The Crucial Role of Tenant Screening

Introduction: Why is Tenant Screening Important 

Tenant Screening is a fundamental aspect of property management. Here at PMI Riverside, we have extensive knowledge of not only HOW to screen a tenant, but also WHAT we are looking for. Tenant Screening is the way to ensure your asset is as safe as possible. There are many factors that contribute to a successful screening process, such as credit history, background history, and eviction history. 

Risk Mitigation:

When it comes to property management, mitigating your risk is one of the most challenging things people face. Accepting a tenant without proper screening can lead to a host of problems, including unpaid rent, property damage, and legal issues. This is why risk mitigation through thorough tenant screening is absolutely critical.

  • Avoid Problematic Tenants

  • Cost and Time Savings

  • Protecting Your Property’s Value

  • Peace of Mind

  • Legal Protection

  • Tenant Stability

Risk mitigation through tenant screening is not just a recommended practice; it's a necessity for property management. By taking the time to thoroughly evaluate potential tenants, you not only protect your investment and financial interests but also create a more positive and stable rental environment for both you and your tenants. Remember, a cautious approach to tenant selection can pay off handsomely in the long-term success of your property management endeavors.

Tenant History & Background:

When screening a potential tenant, you need to look at 5 key things, credit, background, criminal, eviction, and employment. Over PMI Riverside’s 12 year history, we have found these are the most important criteria for tenants:

  • 600+ Credit Score

  • No Criminal History (Not on Megan’s List)

  • No Eviction History 

  • Safe Background Check

  • Tenant makes over 2.5x Rent 

These factors allow us to not only keep evictions to a minimum, but also keeps the pool of tenants high enough to where we aren’t fishing for months and losing the owner's money.

How PMI Riverside can Help: 

We at PMI Riverside offer leasing services at a low price of 500$, we will personally screen and place a tenant for the owner. Not only that, we also offer a free rental market analysis, which gives an estimate of what your property would get on the rental market. This tool is incredibly useful, and completely free! 


Tenant screening is an investment in your property's success. It minimizes risks, fosters a positive rental environment, and ensures responsible tenants. Don't overlook the importance of a rigorous tenant screening process—it's your key to peace of mind in property management.